We were graded as being a ‘good’ school during our last Ofsted visit in April 2014.  Not only did we achieve this overarching ‘good’ grade, but also achieved it across the 5 key sections. Some of the key extracts from the report are shown below for your information, but the full report can be viewed on the Ofsted website.   Please Click HERE.

Leadership and Management:    GOOD

  • The Headteacher has adopted a firm and resolute approach to leadership of the school.
  • The Headteacher has had considerable impact and has done much towards strengthening the school’s positive Christian ethos.
  • Leaders focus meticulously on all aspects of child protection and safeguarding, which fully meet requirements.


Behaviour and safety of pupils:  GOOD

  • The school’s supportive Christian ethos, and adults’ high expectations do much to promote pupils’ good behaviour.
  • Pupils show a real eagerness to learn….their attitudes to learning are very positive.


Quality of teaching:         GOOD

  • The quality of teaching is now consistently good across the school and leads to pupil’s good progress and learning.
  • The headteacher and teachers set high expectations for pupil’s achievement. Such high expectations have had a positive impact on improving pupil’s progress and raising their attainment.


Achievement of pupilsGOOD

  • Pupils’ greatly improved rates of progress across the school show the positive impact of the very effective action by the school’s leadership since the last inspection. The result is that pupils in all year groups are now typically making good progress in reading, writing and mathematics.


Early years provision:      GOOD

  • Good progress is the result of the good quality of teaching. The teacher and the assistant are particularly skilled at developing good working relationships with children. They have created an attractive classroom space and set a warm climate which together do much to support children’s learning.
  • The children feel safe and secure. As a result and because of the high expectations that the teacher has set, they behave well and show positive attitudes to learning.