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Online Safety

Online Safety Parent Workshop- 28.11.22

Why do we like the internet? 

  • It is interesting and fun. 
  • We can learn a lot from the internet. 
  • We use it for our school work. 
  • We love to use it for our learning, including using websites like Purple Mash and Times Table Rockstars.

What are the dangers of children using the internet?

  • We could see or hear things that are not suitable for us. 
  • People on the internet are not always who they say that they are, and they may be someone else. 
  • People could ask you for personal information about yourself, which is dangerous. 
  • Not everybody on the internet is kind. 
  • There are things on the internet which are not appropriate for us. 

How does St Barnabas School keep children safe when they use the internet at school? 

  • The adults are always aware of which websites we are on, and monitor this to make sure that we are safe. 
  • The adults explain to use how to use the internet safely using SMART and other resources. 
  • Our school network filters our search results so that everything we see is safe for us. 



If children have a problem when they are online, what should they do? 

  • Keep calm and tell an adult straight away. 
  • Stay on the page until they have shown an adult so that they can see what has made us feel worried or upset.
  • Block and report anyone that is being unkind.
  • Keep messages from others if they are being unkind so that they can be shown to an adult who can help solve the situation.


St Barnabas' online safety rules are: 

  • We ask permission before we use the internet and we only use website that an adult has agreed for us to use. 
  • We must keep our passwords to ourselves.
  • We must keep our personal information to ourselves at all times online. 
  • We must tell a grown up if we see or hear anything that makes us upset or worried.
  • We must never look for, save or send, anything that could be unkind or upsetting for others.