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Our School Day



The school gates open and the playground is open. All pupils are greeted by their teacher and line up.





School starts, class teacher will lead all pupils into school. Lessons start with the whole school taking part in a ‘morning math’ activity, spelling or phonics session.





Registration followed by the first lesson. This is usually Literacy but this can vary from day to day and class to class.



10.30 - 10.50

First break, all pupils have a short playtime in the morning. A teacher and a teaching assistant supervise pupils.





Lunch break, all children, including Nursery Class, have their lunch together in the hall, followed by an extended playtime together outside. Two midday supervisors and Nursery staff supervise pupils.




End of lunch - children return to class.


3.10 (KS1)

3.15 (KS2)

End of the day. Teachers release pupils from class.





After School   




Some children take part in After School Clubs which are run by school staff. The children are able to


Select to join these at the beginning of each term.  

After School Childcare (chargeable) is also available. 

See Breakfast and After School page for more details. 


As a Church of England School, the principles of the Christian way of life are implicit in all we do. Collective Worship is very much a part of school life and takes place every day. Most days, this takes place in the school hall and sometimes in their own class. On Fridays, the whole school joins together for a special celebration worship where children’s achievement is recognised. 


Throughout the week pupils will have a variety of additional activities and lessons such as swimming, Forest school and PE, details will be found on our newsletter. Pupils must therefore ensure they have PE kits in school at all times.


We also extend the day and enrich the curriculum by offering after school clubs run by staff and outside providers. Details can be found on our newsletter.


Classes are taught for most of the week by their teacher. However, teachers may swap classes on occasion or other teachers may cover at certain times over the school week. This is to maximise strengths and to provide teachers with Planning, Preparation and Assessment time, known as PPA (this is statutory).