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Stonehenge Class

Look at some of the incredible learning that our Stonehenge children have been doing at home. I am so proud of you all.  

Percy's presentation about hatching and raising chickens

Mollie's Power Point presentation about the Amazon

We have been developing our Talk for Writing skills.
Zach's wonderful story inspired by The Journey to the Lonely Mountain
Ruby's persuasive writing about her spy gadget. 

                                                              Stonks and the Dragon's Den


One day when Stonks was in bed, when a mysterious man appeared at his door step to ask for help to get the dragons treasure he said it was because of his skills that he need Stonks, Stonks said to the mysterious man'' what's in it for me?'' the mysterious man said that it was a mountain off treasure and that he would split the profits with him. The next day Stonks got up and got dressed to set off on his new adventure with his hidden adventurer buddy. While walking to the next destination Stonks asked about the man's name, he said ''it's Damien or at least I think'', Stonks was confused but walked on thinking about what treasures await for him and Damien but the adventure had only just started when they came to a forest.


When in the forest the trees thicken with every step eventually leading to no way back but Damien seemed to know the way to this treasure, Stonks wondered where Damien had come from or at least  where his house was because Stonks had never seen him around town (the town is called Dainwood Valley). But then they saw the most horrific thing, the path split to two. However Damien seemed to have a smile on his face when he pulled out a map and on that map was the mountain, the forest and the Dainwood Valley. Damien said that the path on the right was the way to go and soon they would be at the dragon's den.


After several hours they had finally reached the dragon's den where he kept all of his treasured belongings. Stonks had to find an opening to this mountain of a den but he just couldn't until Damien found a small hole in the nest that only Stonks could fit through they waved good luck to each other and Stonks went to face the beast. When Stonks made it inside the dragon appeared small but soon to be learned that was a baby but the mother was not happy about a human being in her den with her babies so as soon as she saw Stonks she attacked but Stonks knew about dragons they had a blind spot like with snakes the are mostly blind in the middle of their face so Stonks avoided the attack of blazing fire and snuck into the blind spot and grabbed as much gold as he could in his pockets (also his duffel bag) and got the heck out of their with a mountain of gold. When Stonks and Damien met up they split the gold and travelled back to Dainwood Valley.           



Niamh's amazing story based on The Journey to the Lonely Mountain

                            The Pixie and the Easter Bunny

In a tree in a magical forest live a pixie called sally she was very greedy and very mischievous. Just as she was about to get her cereal out of the cupboard she got a fright by 3 hard knocks on the door and dropped the hole bowl of marshmallow pieces on the floor she thought it was urgent so she sprinted to the door. It was the Easter bunny he asked her for a favour she agreed. The favour was to go and find the 2 golden eggs in Susie mountain he said that if you find them they hatch into golden bunny’s so she agreed they set off they travelled for many days and nights until they reached jelly tot valley relieved there journey was near to end. But how would they get over sally looked around she had an idea her idea was to climb all the trees so they would get to the other side she asked the Easter bunny how long would it take us to reach the other side his answer was by my calculations 2000 years sally sat down feeling hopeless we will never get across the Easter bunny said don’t worry then pulled a pogo stick out of his pouch sally jumped up happily the Easter bunny picked sally up and put her in his pouch and by one hop they were across sally sprinted up the mountain eager to find the golden eggs it was the middle of the night and sally legs were so tired and so were her eyes she saw a cave that only she could fit in so she fell asleep when she woke up there was a really shiny nest there they were the 2 golden eggs she picked them up and ran to the Easter bunny at the bottom of the mountain with his pogo stick they jumped back over the jelly tot valley and all the way home 2 years later sally and her 2 golden bunnies were rich and lived happily ever after.


By Niamh

Henry's brilliant story based on The Garden 

Harry was busily digging in the garden when he came across a huge chiselled lump of flint. It looked rough and felt bumpy, as though it had been chipped away. Harry showed his mum, he thought she would be surprised at the size!

“Wow, Harry I think that’s an axe head- let’s look it up on the computer.” Harry’s mum was excited and they rushed into the house.

Harry and his mum saw all the pictures of stone- age men and woolly Mammoths. The pictures began to look real- the people started to move, and the Mammoths started running towards them!

The stone-age men shouted to Harry and his mum and beckoned them over. They gave Harry a smooth, grey flint axe head, just like the one he had found. They showed Harry how to cut off a chunk of mammoth-meat and place it in the embers of the glowing, red fire. Harry enjoyed the feast and looked at the cave drawings of the Mammoth hunt that the men were drawing.

Suddenly, a bright light began to shine on Harry’s face. Was it the camp fire? No. It was the sun shining through his bedroom window. It had all been a dream.

Isla has created an amazing story map of The Garden.

Here is Jamie Lou's story map of The Garden.

Look at Isla's boxed up planning from our Talk for Writing unit. 

Mollie has been creating her Talk for Writing innovation. 

Here is Ruby's amazing portal story inspired by her Talk for Writing work.

The portal

In a four-bedroom cottage in a small village in Wiltshire, there was a family. This family was like any family, meaning that it was very different to any family. There was the funny one (Tom). The musical one (Emily). And then there was the youngest, Hayley. Hayley tried to be like her siblings (hobby wise). But she hadn’t really found her thing, she was always interested in organisation but that wasn’t really a hobby.

One day she had an argument with her parents. Hayley always knew her parents loved her and supported her, but this argument was big. After the worst part was over Hayley threatened her parents that she would run away. Her parents had heard this before so they didn’t think she would actually do it. Hayley was scared of most things, so she never usually went out of her comfort zone. Hayley thought if she did something she was scared of; it would prove to her parents that she isn’t scared of everything. Hayley packed her bag so she could stay in her Grandma’s flat and hopefully she wouldn’t say anything to her parents. Hayley packed things her parents wouldn’t notice were gone until she had left the village; Hayley was going all the way to Bristol by train alone, but her first task was to sneak out of the house. She snuck downstairs and tried the back door. She nearly made it until her dad caught her and said how sorry they were. He took Hayley into his arms, but Hayley was still very angry with her parents and she still wanted to run away, so she played it cool and pretended that she had forgiven them. Hayley felt mean lying to them, but she wouldn’t stop now. When Hayley finally got out of the house, she walked to the bus station to get to the train station. But she stopped when she saw something in the corner of her eye. It was bright yellow

Ewan has created his own version of The Game, a story inspired by Jumanji. 


The Game 

Jimmy and Bob went to the library to study. Their teacher had set them work to do; a project about Australia.  They      started searching for Australia books to do the project.




Jimmy spotted a tatty cardboard box which was on top of the shelf Jimmy said to Bob “come here’’ Bob went over to Jimmy to see what he found. On the front cover was a rainforest with loads of dust on it then Bob dusted it down. The writing was embossed and it was in all in capital letters. They wanted to play the game but Jimmy said “no we are supposed to be researching about Australia.’’ Bob said “why not it looks fun!’’ Jimmy explained “because we need to get on with our work!”




Bob begged Jimmy to play the game, until Jimmy said “go on then but only one round.” When they opened the game Jimmy was a toucan and Bob was a brightly coloured parrot. Jimmy rolled a 6 and a 5 Jimmy went to space 11 he read the card and it said “if you don’t get two 3’s you will be its dinner!!” all of a sudden there was a whirling noise and they got sucked into the game.


Jimmy and Bob landed in a rainforest, it was full of trees. They realised that were being chased by something so they ran as fast as they could. They were running through all the trees, jumping over branches that had fallen to the ground. The boys finally hid behind a tree. Jimmy looked up to find out that it was a toucan and a brightly coloured parrot that had been chasing them!  Jimmy whispered to Bob “it is your turn” Bob got two 5 he was disappointed he got a bit angry he wanted to scream but they hat to move because the birds found the two boys. They found a new tree the birds will never find them.  




Ewan has created a wonderful piece of artwork to go with his story of The Game.

Zach has been creating his own independent writing using our Talk for Writing toolkit.


                            Midget and the stone bigger than him

One day in Wiltshire midget was taking a walk down the street with his mum and his two brothers

but then at the corner of his eye came a large stone that was pointed. He thought to himself what it could be: an arrowhead for the gods, a mystical jewel or a spear tip for the head of a trident.

After the walk midget took a nap to ease the energy loss of his 3 mile walk.



After waking up the world seemed different as if he was in his dream, he over hears a grand voice over yonder just to find a massive palace right in front of him without realising the same rock that he found on his walk next to him. When he did realise midget knew what he had to do he had to get out of his dream. He walked up to the palace just to find two massive that looked like his brothers.

They spoke out loud and said who may pass is forbidden but the chosen will be aloud... what is your interest? Midget seemed confused and said that he just wanted to get out of this place. The guards saw the rock and said you come quick with that rock. Midget was super confused but followed with he heavy rock. The queen of the dream was his mother but she didn't seem like she was in good shape. The guard took the rock and crushed it into a powder and mixed it with water to heal the queen. She instantly felt better and granted midget his wish to go home.


Midget woke peacefully and went on the same walk to find that rock was gone was it a dream or no?‚Äč    

Henry has been showing us just how creative he is by using a cardboard box to display one of his Talk for Writing story maps. I love your shell collection as well, Henry. 

Jamie's work on his Talk for Writing pack - Doors. 

Henry has created an amazing story based on The Game- he gets stuck in a photocopier! Love it! 


It was break time and all the good games were gone. James began rummaging in the recycling for some scrap paper. He dug down to the bottom and pulled out two pictures. He looked more closely- they were pictures of him, but he didn’t remember them being taken. How could they have been taken without him knowing? He was just taking them up to the teacher to ask, when he saw some faded brown writing on the back!  So he started to take a closer look...

“ Please James, please help me I am trapped in the photocopier. Type in

249 to release me.”


James thought it was a trick so he ignored it for a bit, but the words kept on popping into his mind. How could anyone be trapped in the photocopier?

The next day at school, James thought to himself that he may as well just do it- even if someone laughed at him for falling for a trick, at least it wouldn’t be on his mind any more.

At break time, when he was kept in for not doing his reading, he sneaked cautiously up to the photocopier and quickly typed in the code. He waited. Nothing happened. He felt like an idiot, and turned to go, with a red face.

Suddenly, the photocopier began to whirr and a piece of stained old paper floated to the floor. It read: Thank you James. I won’t forget this. He turned over the paper and saw an empty photograph.

The next day there was a new boy in the class. And the boy knew James’s name.

Daisy has created an amazing creature as part of her Talk for Writing learning. 

Ruby has been finding abstract nouns.

Aston has been creating some wonderful poetry. 

Aston has also been focusing on his understanding of grammar and punctuation. 

Millie has been working on her punctuation and grammar work. 

Daisy's learning about their, there and they're.

We have been enjoying reading.
Charlie has been reading as a reader.

Jamie Lou has re-designed the front cover of Roald Dahl's Esio Trot. 

Libby's lovely learning. 

We have been enjoying learning about our History topic. 

Henry has been developing his archaeology skills. 

Isla has researched some fantastic facts about the Vikings. 


Izzy and Martha have been commemorating VE day. 

We have been developing our Geography skills. 

Charlie has been finding out about the counties of the United Kingdom.

Ruby has been finding out facts about the capital cities of the UK.

Izzy has been finding out facts about Edinburgh as part of our geography topic. 

Libby has been researching mountains and famous landmarks in the UK. 

Martha has been finding out facts about rivers.

Jamie Lou has been learning about mountains. 
Niamh's Geography work
We have been focusing on developing our knowledge of Science. 

Here is Martha's fabulous diagram of a flower. 

Jamie has been learning about the different parts of a flower. 

Daisy started learning about bacteria and now she is doing her own experiment. 

Henry has created an investigation all about forces.

Ewan has been learning about the bones in the human skeleton.
Ruby has been finding out all about cells. 
We have been learning different languages. 
We have been finding out all about our local area.
Charlie's Wiltshire Work

Zach has been finding out lots of facts about Wiltshire.

What I know about Wiltshire


1.The English conquest of the district now known as Wiltshire began in 552 AD with the victory of Saxon Cynric over the native Britons at Old Sarum, by which the way was opened to Salisbury Plain.

2.Wiltshire is a county in South West England with an area of 3,485 km (1,346 square miles). It is landlocked and borders the counties of Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire. The county town was originally Wilton, after which the county is named, but Wiltshire Council is now based in the county town of Trowbridge. Within the county's boundary are two unitary authority areas, Wiltshire and Swindon, governed respectively by Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council.

3.there are many towns in Wiltshire to many to list even if you want to see all of them then search 'towns in Wiltshire' on google it will list all the towns in Wiltshire.


Libby has been researching facts about Stonehenge and Silbury Hill. 

We have been practicing our Maths skills. 


Look at Mollie's excellent efforts at her work for 99 Club. Brilliant! 

Check out what Ewan has been doing. Amazing! 
Martha has been challenging herself with her 99 club work. She did brilliantly. 

Ruby has been enjoying 99 club. 

Look at Daisy's White Rose Maths work. 
Percy's Morning Maths 

Henry has been calculating and comparing area. 



Look at Jamie Lou's lovely morning maths work.

Daisy's fab algebra work. 



Jamie has been working hard on his morning Maths and his White Rose learning. 

Aston has been developing his skills in working out the angles in special quadrilaterals. 

Great morning Maths, Charlie.

Look at Daisy's amazing work on adding and subtracting fractions. 

We have been developing our artistic skills. 

Isla has been using our Talk for Writing packs and she has used her imagination to create an amazing piece of artwork.

Daisy has used a river as inspiration for her artwork. 
Look at Ruby's beautiful artwork. 

Niamh's amazing art work 

Ruby has been thinking of all the things that she is missing. I'm sure that she'll be able to do these things soon. 

Kieran's amazing learning 

Charlie's amazing learning

Look at Libby's lovely learning. 

Millie has been decorating her own bird house.