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Summer Reading Challenge 2023

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge encourages children to keep reading during the school summer holidays – and to enjoy anything they like to read! Children aged 4-11 are invited to set a reading goal, and collect rewards for their reading.


It’s FREE to take part, and last year 75% of children taking part improved their reading skills over the holidays.


Why should my child sign up?

  • They will be better prepared to return to school in the autumn.

  • The Challenge supports the move into a new year group.

  • Becoming more independent in their reading boosts children’s confidence and self-esteem.

  • The library provides free access to books and fun family activities all through the summer.

  • Library staff are on hand to offer support and book recommendations.

Your child will be part of a UK-wide programme developed by The Reading Agency and delivered in partnership with the public library network.


How can my child take part? (Library OR online)

In the library. Visit your local library and sign up. Your child will:

  • Set a reading goal for the summer and borrow and read books, eBooks and audiobooks. Your child can choose anything they like to read!

  • Receive a Challenge folder and collect special stickers and rewards for reading.

Take part online at

  • Sign up on the official Challenge website.

  • Set a reading goal and get tips for accessing books for free at home.

  • Unlock digital badges and online rewards, including a printable certificate.



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