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Worship Committee

Our Worship Committee are made up of nominated members of each class and teaching staff. The Worship Committee meet at least once a fortnight to discuss various topics such as whole school worship, prayer spaces and our school values.We want to help make sure our Christian Values of Courage, Hope, Compassion and Respect can be seen at work in our School.


Some of the achievements of the worship committee include:

  • Involved in planning and delivering whole school worship (worship warriors)
  • Consulted over whole school values (Hope, courage, compassion and respect) and designed our values hot-air balloon
  • Evaluated whole school worship
  • Evaluate Reflection Areas
  • Chosen their favourite bible quotes to be displayed around school
  • Written a whole school prayer (displayed in the school hall)
  • Deciding school songs for all assemblies 



Our Aims are:

Our role is to help our school evaluate collective worship and find ways to develop its Christian character. We also want to make sure there are special areas, both inside and out, where people can reflect and say prayers. We want to support our school as we develop our different values each term.


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • to create school artwork to be displayed in the hall for Worship
  • to read prayers and Bible readings
  • to lead whole school worship
  • to host special worship events such as the Carol service
  • attend weekly Worship Group meetings
  • feedback ideas for themes for worship, prayers and hymns
  • to promote faith in our school
  • help lead on school charitable work such as the Harvest collection