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Junior Good Citizen



The Junior Good Citizen (JGC), scheme gives children the opportunity to learn a variety of skills to help them deal with a wide range of emergency and non-emergency situations.


During the summer term, Year 6 children from across Wiltshire and Swindon attend the scheme for a day to work with Police, the Fire and Rescue service, the Road Safety Team and many other organisations that help people to keep safe. Working with partner agencies, the aim of the scheme is to increase the children’s individual personal safety and knowledge, to help others across their communities.


JGC encourages children to think through the problems they are confronted with and to resolve them successfully, both individually and as a team. Children become a Junior Good Citizen as they learn how to help keep themselves safe and to pass on their new safety skills to friends and family.


Top tips to being a Junior Good Citizen


The JGC Partnership have come together with some useful links and tips to help children stay safe and be a Good Citizen as well as the accompanying safety video created this year that can viewed online here at your convenience.


  • Be fire safe - Make sure you have a smoke alarm on every level of your home and that they are tested once a week.


  • Be electricity smart - Where possible use one plug into one socket, and if that is not possible use a bar extension lead and make sure it is not overloaded. If you’re not sure what overloading is, head over to the electrical safety first web site where it is all explained. 


  • Be road wise - Even though the roads may seem quieter at the moment, you still need to make sure that you Stop, Look, Listen and Think before crossing the road!


  • Keep yourself safe - Plan and explore a new route to school before the day you start so you are confident you know your way and how long it takes to get there. Visit to map your journey. Choose the safest route; this might not be the quickest route.


  • Stay safe online - Remember the internet can be a great place, but some people lie about who they are. If you’re worried about someone or something you have seen online, talk to a trusted adult.


Useful Links


Fire Safety

Lots of great fun activities and information around fire safety

Electrical Safety




‘Hazard House’

Useful tool around seeing if you’re overloading sockets at home


The house has been created to help children and adults consider fire safety of each room in their own homes.

Road Safety

Road safety resources



Personal Safety



Online resources around personal safety online and in the community


Online Safety



Tips on how to be safe online -

Where to go for help


A safe place to speak to someone if you’re worried about anything