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School Priorities

Each year we work with Governors to review our performance and agree upon our Priorities for improvement for the following academic year.  In 2017-18 we have agreed the following Priorities.  Our priorities are reviewed termly to ensure we are on track to meet our targets. 



• Continual pursuit of excellence to successfully create a culture of high expectations, aspirations and excellence.

•To strengthen Governing Body’s understanding so that they are fully effective in their role and new governors are confident.



• Develop whole school approach to marking and feedback in light of changes to statutory guidance
• Develop talk across the curriculum
• Embed understanding of ‘outstanding teaching’ and develop practice
• Giving children opportunity to lead direction of learning



• Ensure that achievement is outstanding; all groups of pupils make good or better progress
• Increase proportion of pupils who reach the higher levels of attainment in writing.



• Embed good safeguarding practices and amend in line of new recommendations
• Continue to build on opportunities to develop and embed Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural understanding
• Develop understanding of British Values



• Writing at greater depth



St Barnabas Long Term Strategic Plan July 2015- 2020


  Area of Focus Further detail Potential Impact to School ACTIONS
1 Achieve ‘outstanding’ grades in Ofsted and SIAMS inspections by 2020 Strong good by 2018, outstanding by 2020 Increased grading = more secure provision + more attractive to potential parents = more children = more money = more scope to develop provision.


Reduced grading = insecure provision = falling numbers = forced into academy beyond our control.

1. HT to continue to drive excellence in teaching and learning.


2.Continue with the development of leadership team– the detail of both streams to be included on school development plan monitored by FGB

2 School to achieve National Accreditations/Kite Marks Such as Healthy Schools, Achievement for All, Food Mark (when cooking area completed) Good promotional tool School to investigate most appropriate accreditations/kite marks and include on School Development Plan
3 Become Financially Stable Running a balanced account with reserves to develop learning environment Increasing our debt will stifle development of our school, which will then have an impact on pupil numbers thereby making the situation worse 1. School to continue to make cost saving measures without impacting on children’s education.


2. F&P to tightly manage school recovery plan

+ by achieving focus1,2,4,5,6,7

4 Have the best pool of talent amongst staff and governors   Inability to retain existing quality staff could have detrimental effect on pupil numbers and academic achievement.


Inability to recruit new staff to replace existing staff or for new roles would have detrimental effect on pupil numbers and academic achievement. Could also be a drain on budget

1. As 1 focus + enhance governor team to include additional co-opted governor with strategic vision by end of 2015.


2. If school expands, look to further develop senior leadership team + recruit new staff.                3. Promotion of our school amongst the teaching community will also attract new talent when called for.

4. Depending on type of Academy conversation – could be looking at executive head across a number of schools

5 Secure the best type and organisation(s) to become an Academy.



  Danger of becoming absorbed by aggressive academy and losing identify and potentially children numbers. 1. FGB to select best academy model and associated schools in the MAT to benefit from the collaboration by 2016


2. Ensure at all times St Barnabas’ core vision, related aims and values are protected at all times when converting to an Academy


6 Growth in pupil numbers



Increase number of children going to our school, thereby increasing number of classes – 4-7 Some dissatisfaction amongst parents already of 1 class for 3 year group (4,5,6)


The less pupils we have the more financially unstable we become and the more vulnerable

1. Become a secure ‘good’ by 2016 and ‘outstanding’ by 2018.


2. Provide a hook to attract numbers on roll e.g. excel at creative arts, sport etc.
3.Ensure that quality localised pre-school provision, linked closely to St Barnabas, provides the children for entry into our school (Action Head/EYFS teacher )
4.When numbers make it cost effective, Provide extended provision – in mornings and after school for working parents
5.Actively promote the school within localised community – set up promotion task group consisting of representation from FGB, Staff, Friends, children with annual promotion/communications plan reporting in to FGB

7 Be the number 1 choice of primary school in our local area   Will make us viable /futureproof By achieving 1-6 above
Visionary focus – Substantially develop learning environment externally and internally which will involve capital investment Such as school kitchen, ‘Forest School’, zones, increased play areas, IT equipment ,school decoration, To be started only when there is funding to do so FGB to set up task group to explore variety of additional funding streams to help with this.