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Year 5 and Year 6


Welcome to our class, as we are the oldest and the tallest, we have lots of responsibilities, you will find us around school always helping out. Our class teacher is Mrs Orr and our wonderful TA's are Mrs Walker and Miss Turner. We are always here to help and support our pupils and their families so if you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to come and talk to Mrs Orr. 




The children have made a wonderful start to their year in Stonehenge class. We have already succeeded in understanding place value and the children can round, order and compare a range of whole and decimal numbers. We have also been using our addition and subtraction skills in a number of problem solving activities. We are now moving on to knowing and understanding how to use formal written methods when tackling multiplication and division methods. Every day the children in Stonehenge challenge themselves with a range of morning maths questions and I can see the impact that this learning is having on their understanding and love of maths. Next,  we will be focusing on fractions. We will be starting with finding fractions of amounts and shapes, then moving onto learning about equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. 


Talk for Writing 


Our firstTalk for Writing unit has been about a shipwreck and the adventures a young child and her father have as they try their best to row through stormy, troubled seas to rescue the survivors. Please read our model text so you can see what has been inspiring our class and their beautiful, descriptive writing. 

We have also been focusing on learning about word classes and the children have been identifying different types of nouns, using a wide variety of exciting adjectives and have been using powerful verbs in their written work. 

We are now focusing on our favourite type of writing, suspense. We will be using an extract from Beetle Boy to help us create amazing pieces of suspense writing, using lots of interesting Talk for Writing features. We can't wait to find out what happened to Dr Bartholomew Cuttle !

Class Texts 


We have just finished reading The Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo together. We absolutely loved this text. It is about a young girl called Laura who grows up with her family on the Isles of Scilly, who faces many challenges. We loved the descriptions of the characters and the settings in the story and we loved the relationships between Laura and her family and the way she rescues a beautiful turtle she meets on the beach. Stonehenge class are now enjoying reading more books by Michael Morpurgo and are able to make comparisons between themes in his books. 


We are now reading Beetle Boy together and using the text as an inspiration and focus in our shared writing activities. The first chapter is amazing and I can't wait to share it with the children. 



So far this year we have been learning all about life cycles of animals and plants and comparing them. How are they similar and how are they different? We have been learning how plants reproduce and the functions of different parts of a flower. We have been learning some amazing vocabulary like photosynthesis, germination, pollination and metamorphosis. Ask us what they mean! 


Now we are learning all about the human circulatory system and the anatomy of the human heart. All of the children have a copy of our knowledge organiser so that they see exactly what we will be learning about. We have been learning about the different parts of the heart and learning some wonderful scientific words. 

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