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The Magnificent Stonehenge Class 

Playing Table Tennis. We loved it!

Street Dance Workshop

Welcome to Stonehenge Class


Year 5 and Year 6

A big hello to our new Stonehenge class. Our class teacher is Mrs Orr and our wonderful TA is Miss Turner. We are always here to help and support our pupils and their families so if you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to come and talk to Mrs Orr. 




Our children have succeeded in  understanding and learning in all areas of our Maths curriculum. They have made us very proud with what they now know and understand. We have been investigating lots of Maths reasoning problems as well as brushing up on our arithmetic skills. Over the next few weeks, our Year 5 pupils will be learning more about decimals and their relationship with fractions and percentages. They will be expanding their knowledge of times tables and making sure that they understand the concept of square and cube numbers. Our Year 6 pupils have been preparing for their KS2 SATS. 


Talk for Writing 


 Character Writing 


Our writing last term was fantastic and all the children were able to use their character toolkits to great effect by planning and writing their own Beat the Monster stories.  The children have greatly enjoyed using the story of Theseus and the Minotaur to explore their own hero and monster characters. 

Here are some examples from our writing process. 


Class Texts 


We are currently reading Danny the Champion of the World. It is one of my absolute favourite books and I can't wait to share it with the class. So far, we have met Danny and his father. We have discussed their relationship and the children have made predictions about what they think will happen next. 


Science Knowledge Organisers 


The children have loved learning about Earth and Space in Science and they have produced learning that really shows what they now know. The children know about the properties of the different planets in our Solar System. They can also describe the movement of the Moon in relation to the Earth and they can explain how the appearance of the Moon changes. The children have especially enjoying learning about space exploration and thinking about the possibilities of further missions to both the Moon and Mars. 





History Knowledge Organisers