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Parent School Survey Results July 2023


We have looked closely at the questionnaires and comments which we received (49 replies were received) and we have considered our response.  Overall, we were delighted with the very positive response we received from parents, with 97.6% of parents saying that they would recommend our school to others.

If you would like to hear more about all of the results then please feel free to contact a member of staff. Please see some of the key headlines below:

  • 100% agreed or strongly agreed that their child feels safe at school.
  • 95.6% agreed or strongly agreed that their child is happy at school.
  • 97.75 agreed or strongly agreed that the school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.
  • 92.7% agreed or strongly agreed that school has high expectations for their child with 7.3% unsure.
  • 100% agreed or strongly agreed that their child does well at this school.

 I have taken each question in turn, where the % of parents agreeing to the statement was lower than 90%, and I have hopefully provided you with a satisfactory response, explanation and/or reassurance of our determination to improve:

"When I have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly"

2.4% of respondents to the survey disagreed with the above statement.

If you have any concerns with school, we would urge you to come and talk to your child’s class teacher in the first instance: many issues can be easily resolved quickly.  If you feel that this needs to be escalated to a member of the Senior Leadership Team, then your child’s class teacher will immediately refer the issue on to Mrs Young or myself.  We take all concerns very seriously and always take time to investigate situations carefully before taking appropriate and robust action.

If you do not feel that a concern has been dealt with appropriately, please do get in touch with the school office as soon as possible and a member of the Senior Leadership Team will contact you regarding your concern.

"The school makes them aware of what their child will be learning"

4.9% of respondents to the survey disagreed with the above statement.

As a school we are always aiming to improve, therefore in response to this feedback you will be receiving tomorrow a Class Letter, a topic Knowledge Organiser, a Term 1 overview, an Activity Passport, Statutory Spellings and a letter about the summer reading challenge.

Within the comments section, a number of parents/carers commented on our communication systems, both positively and with some suggestions.  We know there is so much to remember as a parent about events in school and so we want to keep you up to date as much as possible. All non-personalised e-mails sent to parents will be available to view on the website under 'Latest News'.

Individual teachers will also continue to post information on Class Dojo regarding your children’s learning and the Class Pages on the website.

Overall, the feedback that you have provided to us was overwhelmingly positive with many, many comments about the strong community ethos of the school.  Our aim has always been to educate the whole child providing them with a broad and rich curriculum and it is wonderful to read that so many of you feel we are doing a good job!  The many positive comments and praise for our dedicated and hard working staff team were also much appreciated.  We have, of course, shared your comments with the whole team.   Thank you, once again, for your valuable feedback on our Parent Survey.