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Our Learning Team

All teachers and nursery educators have a firm understanding of child development and an awareness of age appropriate needs, behaviour and learning. Their role is embedded to support strong attachment and the development of self-regulation. They are attuned to individualised feelings, needs, fascination and lines of enquiry. Teachers and Early Years Nursery Educators are attentive to any patterns of play that may be emerging or reflecting and emotional need.


Early Years Teachers enable young children to communicate in a variety of ways and value first language and cultural heritage. They develop planning that is personalised, challenging but achievable and ensure quality interactions which scaffold and prompt thinking, building on children’s interests, strengths and questions. Adults support children to become mastery learners- to ask questions, take and evaluate risks, develop resilience and have ownership for their learning


Teachers encourage and support children’s interactions with other children and adults, modelling feelings, learning characteristics and researchful learning. Early Years Nursery educators model language of learning and exploration of emotional well-being.


The Role of the Key Person


Each child has a named key person who they will interact with daily, sharing information, interests, emotional well being and learning. This offers the opportunity for a special relationship to develop. The key person builds a close relationship by acting as a champion for the child, assessing their needs and development, ensuring they feel safe and secure, develops positive relationships, are able to follow nursery rules and routines, are appropriately supported and understood.


Our Staff


Headteacher - Mrs Lindsay Clough

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Aleksandra Young

Early Years Manager - Mrs Emma Morgan

Admin & Finance Officer - Mrs Nicola Saunders


Nursery Staff 

Mrs Janice Thacker

Mrs Jayne Bowyer

Mrs Laura Emm