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At St Barnabas CEVC Primary School, we take pride in our appearance.
Being smart shows we are ready to learn. The smartness of our children is often commented upon by visitors, and when we are out of school we are easily recognised. Children are rewarded for dressing smartly, by, for example, tucking their t-shirts in, with a house point.


We recommend and encourage both boys and girls to wear the following:


Red: Jumper, Cardigan or Sweatshirt*


White: Polo Shirt*


Grey/Black: Trousers or shorts (Boys) Skirt or Trousers or Shorts (Girls)


Red/white: Stripe or gingham check dress


Black: Shoes/Sandals


*Available with the school logo


Our school uniform suppliers are:


School Trends:


We believe children should come to school in suitable clothes of smart appearance. Casual wear, like jeans and highly coloured shorts, cargo pants are not permitted.


PE Kit


PE kit is to be worn to school on PE days. Children are to wear:

House Colour T-Shirt*

Black Shorts



A red PE hoodie will also be required to be worn from September 2021. 


Hoodies and coloured house t-shirts are available to purchase via SchoolMoney.


PE Hoodie - £10

Coloured T-Shirt (Red, Yellow, Blue or Green) - £2.20


*A house colour will be allocated to your child upon admission