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Home School Agreement

Our Home School Agreement

St Barnabas Primary School has a home school agreement, which you will be asked to sign. It sets out the school’s responsibilities towards its pupils, the responsibilities of the pupil’s parents and what the school expects of its pupils. The purpose is to strengthen the partnership between home and school and makes clear the respective roles and expectations.

As a school We will do our best to:
• Support your child’s wellbeing and safety by providing a safe, supportive and caring environment
• Help and encourage your child to reach their full potential  
• Monitor and communicate with parents and carers regularly on your child’s progress
• Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that caters for all children, including when delivered remotely
• Promote high standards of behaviour so we can maintain a safe environment for all children
• Set homework that supports the delivery of the curriculum and mark it where appropriate
• Communicate between home and school through notices, newsletters, text, email and the school website, Class Dojo and social media
• Encourage good attendance and address any concerns with parents or carers where necessary
• Achieve high standards of work and behaviour by providing opportunities for children to develop positive social relationships, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.
• Be open and welcoming and offer opportunities for parents to be involved in the life of the school.

Parents/carers I will do my best to:
• Make sure my child attends school regularly and on time. I will notify the school if my child will be absent
• Make sure my child is dressed in the correct uniform and brings their PE kit to school where necessary
• Make the school aware of any concerns that might affect the my child’s work or behaviour at as soon as they become apparent.
• Support the school to make sure my child maintains a consistently high standard of behaviour
• Encourage my child to try their best so they can reach their full potential
• Communicate to the school any concerns that I have about my child that may affect their behaviour in school or ability to learn  
• Make sure that my child completes their homework on time, and raise any issues that my child has with their teachers
• Support my child in reading, to help foster a love of reading, discuss the text they read and help them choose appropriate texts
• Read and follow the school’s policies
• Treat all members of the school community with care and respect
• Engage in parent meetings and work together with the school in order to achieve the best outcomes for my child
• Read all communications sent home by the school and respond where necessary

Pupils I will do my best to:
• Arrive at school on time and ready to learn
• Try my best to do my work and ask for help if I need it
• Wear the correct school uniform and bring my PE kit to school when I need it
• Bring all the equipment I need each day
• Be friendly and caring towards other children and adults
• Listen to instructions from the adults at school and follow the school rules
• Do my homework and reading, to bring it back to school on time
• Look after the school equipment and be respectful of the school environment

Governing Body We will carry out our legal responsibilities to ensure that:
• school policies provide care and safety for every pupil
• the school strives to give the best education for every pupil
• funding received by the school will be used efficiently to support learning
• Governors will visit the school regularly and make it a priority to raise academic standards in the school
• Governors meet regularly to carry out their functions


Please follow the link below to sign and agree our home school agreement