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Year 3 and 4


Welcome to Savernake Class, here you'll find Miss West your class teacher and our wonderful teaching assistants, Mrs Snook ready to help. We are now lower Key Stage 2, we've made a big jump coming up from Year 2 into Year 3 and continue to progress from Year 3 to Year 4. Throughout the upcoming year, we will explore and learn together, taking on new opportunities and responsibilities that will help us grow and flourish as individuals and as a group. We love to embrace challenges set for us and relish learning something new!


Our learning 

In Savernake Class this term we are very excited for the new learning adventures that are ahead. In literacy we are studying the portal text of 'Elf Road', with a focus on setting descriptions writing. In Maths in Year 3 we are learning about number and place value, with a focus on place value within 1,000. Within this we will explore representing numbers, presenting these in various ways using different manipulatives and understanding the place value system. In Maths in Year 4, we are also learning about number and place value, where we will be investigating 4-digit numbers and their place value, as well as understanding rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.


Our topic focus is Geography, where we are exploring our big question 'Beyond the Magic Kingdom-What is the Sunshine State really like?' within which we will be looking at Florida and understanding the physical and human geographical features of a region in North America, which we can then begin to compare and contrast to the characteristics of a region within the United Kingdom. 

Our Science focus this term is Forces and Magnets with our big question 'What is the impact of Forces and Magnets?' within this we will use exploratory activities to gain an understanding of how forces and magnets work to have an impact on the items and objects that they come into contact with.


We will regularly upload photos of the children enjoying their learning in the gallery section of our Savernake Class page, so that you can see some of our wonderful learning experiences.